Secret Court Says U.S. Has Broad Wiretap Powers

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at
Tue Nov 19 06:43:29 PST 2002

>So there's plenty of meat for conspiracy theory for a long time to come

Dave Emory has documented possible links between McVeigh and neo-fascist 
groups. Search through

He also extensively documents connections between the Bush family and the 
bin Ladens "Los Amigos de Bush" and 
other programs in the months after 9/11 for a start (ironically, he had 
begun extensively tracing these connections shortly prior to 9/11).

In either case, one may end up dismissing all of the connections as 
circumstantial, but the process of getting there will not be a comfortable 
one, particularly in the case of 9/11.

As for me, I regard  both events as key towards turning the US into the nice 
little Polic State we always wanted. So I get a little pissy when the 
"breaking of the eggs" argument is used in either context.

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