Fwd: [fc] list of papers accepted to FC'03

Stuart Schechter stuart at eecs.harvard.edu
Sat Nov 16 06:24:42 PST 2002

> What ever happened to Financial Cryptography?  The
> organisers did say they were going to look at wider
> accessibility for the coming year, but I see only
> these papers that are, from the titles at least,
> anything that speaks to non-cryptographers:
> > How Much Security is Enough to Stop a Thief?
> > Stuart E. Schechter and Michael D. Smith
> Even they're a stretch.  All are specialised, and
> none are of interest to the non-deep-techies.

   I don't think you'll find our paper to be overly technical - at least not
from a computer science or cryptographic perspective.  We wrote this paper
because we believe that determining the level of security necessary to deter
an adversary is a problem of more general interest.

   Best regards

   Stuart Schechter

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