Fwd: [fc] list of papers accepted to FC'03

IanG iang at systemics.com
Fri Nov 15 07:55:29 PST 2002

> List of papers accepted to FC'03
> --------------------------------

I see pretty much a standard list of crypto papers
here, albeit crypto with a waving of finance salt.

What ever happened to Financial Cryptography?  The
organisers did say they were going to look at wider
accessibility for the coming year, but I see only
these papers that are, from the titles at least,
anything that speaks to non-cryptographers:

> Fully Private Auctions in a Constant Number of Rounds
> Felix Brandt

> Squealing Euros: Privacy Protection in RFID-Enabled Banknotes
> Ari Juels and Ravikanth Pappu

> How Much Security is Enough to Stop a Thief?
> Stuart E. Schechter and Michael D. Smith

> On the Economics of Anonymity
> Alessandro Acquisti and Roger Dingledine and Paul Syverson

Even they're a stretch.  All are specialised, and
none are of interest to the non-deep-techies.

On a related front, how much interest is there in
running EFCE this coming June?


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