The End of the Golden Age of Crypto

André Isidoro Fernandes Esteves Aife at
Thu Nov 14 06:31:41 PST 2002

On Thursday 14 November 2002 03:50, you wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, Sam Ritchie wrote:
> > That's the whole deal with the bible, and its various internal
> > contradictions. If anything can be proven true in the bible, then there's
> > no room for faith anymore, which nullifies religious "beliefs"; and if
> > anything can be proven false, then there's no god, and religion is
> > crushed under the heel of reason. Hurrah, Enlightenment!
> > ~SAM
> Don't bet on it.  I was in a discussion group a week or so ago and one
> lady who is super devout (of some christian sect, I'm not really sure
> which one) claimed that she was always "testing her faith" every day.
> It really shook me up because I have faith in testing.  Religion and
> reason are not in the same universe!
> My favorite response on the subject of god is "I have no need of that
> hypothisis".  I forget who it's attributed to, but I think it was from the
> late 1800's.
> Patience, persistence, truth,
> Dr. mike

The religious person is always battling against reality wich with a minimum 
of inteligence from the observer always bring doubts on the truth of his 

It's a state of mind wich  can only be compared with mental ilness...
(I've read that there are even some neurological similarities between the 
faithful and the mentaly ill)

The author of that statement: "I have no need of that hipotheses" was 
Laplace, french mathematician on answering Napoleon's question in why is book 
on newtonian mechanics didn't call for god.

Andri Esteves

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