The End of the Golden Age of Crypto

Mike Rosing eresrch at
Thu Nov 14 10:13:11 PST 2002

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, [iso-8859-1] Andri Isidoro Fernandes Esteves wrote:

> The religious person is always battling against reality wich with a minimum
> of inteligence from the observer always bring doubts on the truth of his
> faith.
> It's a state of mind wich  can only be compared with mental ilness...
> (I've read that there are even some neurological similarities between the
> faithful and the mentaly ill)

I won't disagree, but I think we better live in a bunker!

> The author of that statement: "I have no need of that hipotheses" was
> Laplace, french mathematician on answering Napoleon's question in why is book
> on newtonian mechanics didn't call for god.

thank you!  Looks like my date was off by 100 years :-)

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

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