The End of the Golden Age of Crypto

Mike Rosing eresrch at
Wed Nov 13 19:50:29 PST 2002

On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, Sam Ritchie wrote:

> That's the whole deal with the bible, and its various internal
> contradictions. If anything can be proven true in the bible, then there's no
> room for faith anymore, which nullifies religious "beliefs"; and if anything
> can be proven false, then there's no god, and religion is crushed under the
> heel of reason. Hurrah, Enlightenment!
> ~SAM

Don't bet on it.  I was in a discussion group a week or so ago and one
lady who is super devout (of some christian sect, I'm not really sure
which one) claimed that she was always "testing her faith" every day.
It really shook me up because I have faith in testing.  Religion and
reason are not in the same universe!

My favorite response on the subject of god is "I have no need of that
hypothisis".  I forget who it's attributed to, but I think it was from the
late 1800's.

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

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