New Scott shows how to globalize your business.

Scott K mrscottk at
Thu Nov 7 17:41:41 PST 2002

Hi cypherpunks at Algebra.COM,

Have you known it yet? A perfect globalization tool for your business.
It's the best marketing tool that save your time, money and increase your

- Every worry how to sell the products to other countries?
- Finding the customers in a specified industry from around the world?
- Searching the potential customers in a country?
- Expanding your business in other regions of the world?

***** NOW YOU CAN MAKE IT EASILY! with the World Importer Directory *****

A bulk of interesting world importer directories are here

Over 152,000 importers from around the world are here. They are from 6
regions, over 150 countries, assembling in a single file for each directory.
To meet your need as much as possible, they are designed and classified by
country, region and industry.

The data contain company name, e-mail, URL, contact address, contact person,
telephone number, fax number, product imports. The World Importer
Directories are available in 4 file formats, i.e. Application (.exe), MS
Excel (.xls), Acrobat Reader (.pdf) and Text (.txt). You can choose upon
your preference.

Email of Importer Directory contains 11,900 email records. Interested? CLICK
HERE to buy it.

Don't be delay, the gold opportunity is on your hand right now!

Your sincerely,
Scott Kayler

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