Flight security analysis (was Re: Confiscation of Anti-War Video)

Steve Furlong sfurlong at acmenet.net
Fri Nov 1 14:16:49 PST 2002

On Friday 01 November 2002 16:35, Major Variola (ret) wrote, in response 
to another of Choate's odd statements:

> Do the thermal conductivity/inertia calcs.  -40F *air* can't drop
> your coretemp in 30 seconds.  Do the math.  Or go up to the Dakotas
> this winter and step outside for half a minute.  It hurts but doesn't
> kill that quickly.

I was thinking the same, having been in -40 weather before. I haven't 
been in -40 with a 500MPH wind chill, though. On the other hand, we're 
not talking a convertible jumbo jet with the top down, so the wind 
chill might not be that big a factor. Bottom line, I think Choate was 
blowing smoke, as usual.

But Maj Variola made a questionable point, too:

> At 30K feet, you have about half a minute before you pass out

I just tested that, sort of. I emptied my lungs, then lifted weights for 
30 seconds. It was a little painful toward the end, but I didn't grey 
out or anything.

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