When encryption is also authentication...

John Saylor johns at worldwinner.com
Thu May 30 11:27:52 PDT 2002


> > However, I'd be interested to know just how many users out there
> > would enter their card details on an unprotected site, despite the
> > unclosed padlocks and the alert boxes.

( 02.05.30 08:34 -0400 ) Ian Grigg:
> Huge numbers of them.  You won't see it in security
> lists, but most of your average people out there do
> not understand the significance of the padlock, and
> when merchants request credit card numbers, they
> quietly forget to tell them.

And even if they tried, network security is too arcane of a subject
matter for them to care about. They just want that big dildo [or
whatever it is that they're ordering].

One online merchant I know put big padlock .gifs on the site to reassure
users that their transactions were secure. The padlocks on the browsers
were there, but they weren't as reassuring to the customers as the

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