NAI pulls out the DMCA stick

jamesd at jamesd at
Mon May 27 07:48:40 PDT 2002

On 27 May 2002 at 19:56, Peter Gutmann wrote:

> jamesd at writes:
> >My impression is that S/MIME sucks big ones, because it commits one
> >to a certificate system based on verisign or equivalent.
> I'll say this one more time, slowly for those at the back: What you're
> criticising is PEM circa 1991, not S/MIME.  Things have moved on a bit
> since then.

You need a certification authority.  Every one you deal with has to 
acknowledge whatever certification authority gave you your 
certificate.   Interaction with big public certification authorities 
is impractically painful for most users.  If you uses S/MIME, you 
need a Thawte or Verisign certificate, and the guy you are trying to 
work with is never going to get a Thawte or Verisign certificate.

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