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Attention: Are you buying from the "Information America" type companies for .10-.15 cents per record, we sell the same types of data for 1000's of records per penny! As a matter of fact several of these companies use and sell our data since did not have the skills to compile / append the newer internet fields such as web site info and  e m a i l  information. 

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The Ultimate Traditional & Internet Marketing Tool, Introducing the "M A S T E R  D I S C  2002" versions 4.00-4.10, now released its MASSIVE 11 disc set with over 145 Million database records (18-20 gigabytes of databases) for marketing to companies, people, via  e m a i l, fax, phone and mailing addresses Worldwide!

COMPLETE 11 DISC SET IS ALL OF THE MARKETING DATA YOU WILL NEED FOR 2002 & 2003 (Put your service or product out for the world to see!)

We've been slashing prices once again to get you hooked on our leads & data products.

The full disc set ver 4.00-4.10 (Contains all databases, all software titles, all demos, more then 65 million records include an  e m a i l  address and many, many other useful fields) including unlimited usage is yours permanently for just $799.00 for the full set or $99.00 for the single sample disc (Normally Sold For $2800.00 for the full set and $299.00 for single sample disc) if you order today!

**** M A S T E R  D I S C 2002 CONTENTS ****

We've gone out of our way to insure that this product is the finest of its kind available.  Each CD (ver.4.01 to ver.4.10) contains approximately 10% of the 145 million records distributed within the following databases:

- 411: USA white and yellow pages data records by state.

- DISCREETLIST: Adult web site subscribers and adult webmasters  E M A I L  addresses.

- FORTUNE: This database contains primary contact data relating to fortune 500, fortune 1000, and millions more corporations sort able by company size and sales.

- GENDERMAIL:	Male and female email address lists that allow you target by gender with 97% accuracy.

- MARKETMAKERS: Active online investors  E M A I L  addresses. Also information in reference to thousands of public companies symbols, and descriptions.

- MAXDISC: Online website owners, administrators, and technical contacts for website domain name owners of the ".com", ".net", and ".org" sites.  This database has information from about 25% of all registered domains with these extensions.

- NEWSPAPERS: National directory of newspapers from small local papers to large metro news agencies.

- PITBOSS: Avid Online casino and sports book players, and casino webmasters.

- SA: South American mailing databases from more than a dozen countries.  Each mailing address belongs to a Visa or MasterCard credit card holder.

- SOFTWARE: This directory contains 86 software titles, some are fully functional versions and others are demo versions.  Many suites of commercial  e m a i l  tools as well as many other useful resources will be found here to help extract, verify, manage, and deliver successful commercial  e m a i l  marketing campaigns.

For More Information, Available Records, Pricing, CUSTOM Databases, Ordering Contact us:

D a t a C o m   M a r k e t i n g   C o r p
1 4 4 0   C o r a l   R i d g e   D r.  #3 3 6
C o r a l   S p r i n g s,  F l  3 3 0 7 1

(9 5 4) 7 5 3-2 8 4 6 voice / fax (Promo Code: 052402)

For no further notice at no cost and to be  disolved from all of our databases, simply  "r e p l y"  to this message with the word "Discontinue" in the subject line. IZ1

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