MPAA wants all A/D converters to implement copyright protection.

Mike Rosing eresrch at
Fri May 24 09:28:39 PDT 2002

On Fri, 24 May 2002, Trei, Peter wrote:

> My mind has been boggled, my flabbers have been ghasted.

Yes.  It is not really possible to put into words just how insane this is
is it?  I'm gonna try to sit down with a senator's aide who's working on
this as soon as possible, I think the guys from wisconsin on on the
judiciary committee..

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> MPAA to Senate: Plug the Analog Hole!
> Posted by jamie on Friday May 24, @09:30AM
> from the op-amp dept.
> A month ago, the MPAA filed its report [PDF][1] with the Senate
> Judiciary Committee on the terrors of analog copying. I quote: "in
> order to help plug the hole, watermark detectors would be required
> in" -- are you sitting down? -- "all devices that perform analog to digital
> conversions." At their page Protecting Creative Works in a Digital Age[2],

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