Roth conversions = jumbo annuity sales

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Thu May 23 14:23:17 PDT 2002

 What good is a great concept (Roth conversion) without a turnkey system
to sell it?	

Introducing the Roth Conversion turnkey selling system

Our top producing roth conversion agent (sold 10 jumbo annuities, 200k
sales with 14%+ commissions) has shared with us his secrets of selling
the roth conversion concept. Per his input, we have created the roth
conversion "turnkey sales process".

The system includes client postcards, client brochures, a client
worksheet (perfect for introducing the roth conversion program), a full
marketing presentation, etc. If he can do it, so can you!

To join us for the brand new "sales presentation" teleconference, call
in Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 12:00 noon Pacific/3 p.m. Eastern at:

To find out more about the content of the call complete the form below
and you will be immediately directed to the "conference call" page. 
First Name:	  	 	
Last Name:	  	Note that when you press the "Send Information"
button the screen may not change, but we will still receive your
information and get back to you. Another way to order our sample
presentation is to visit our website at
<> .	 
 GSL Advisory

These materials are for "agent use only". You should be a practicing,
licensed and appointed annuity agent to order this information.

We don't want anyone to receive our mailings who does not wish to. This
is professional communication sent to insurance professionals. To be
removed from this mailing list, DO NOT REPLY to this message. Instead,
go here: <> 

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