Math and crypto videos available at

Tim May tcmay at
Sat Mar 23 23:27:03 PST 2002

I've been enjoying the streaming video lectures available at

MSRI is the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, which sits on a 
hill above UC Berkeley. MSRI is funded by NSF and other donors and has 
no apparent formal connection with UCB (that I can find).

The streaming videos need RealPlayer, but a free version is readily 
available. The quality is only mediocre...the mathematicians are still 
using overhead transparencies with scrawled writing, and this doesn't 
pick up and show well, at least on my own RealPlayer setup. And I get 
the usual jerky video from my slow dial-up line, but at least the audio 
track is excellent.

I haven't looked at the crypto lectures yet. Dan Bernstein has several 
of them, including on fast multiplication hardware for crypto. And the 
usual other mathematicians who do crypto are represented.

(BTW, having such videos--hopefully with better quality than overhead 
projectors--might be an interesting option for the "Crypto for T.C. 
Mits" project some of you have been talking about. )

--Tim May
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may have a gun." --Patrick Henry
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