Bill Scannell as Dirty harry.

mattd mattd at
Mon Jan 14 15:57:40 PST 2002

Hey kids Google can do something!

"Car 64 -- Where are You?"   The December 1999 Physical Meeting of the San 
Francisco Bay Area
   Cypherpunks will feature community-building discussions with senior
   members of the SF Police Department Academy staff, including a short
   presentation of the SFPD Academy's history, mission and future by
   our host Lt. Lon Ramlan, discussions of the state of the SFPD's
   computer crime facilities and technology with senior members of the
   investigative staff and an opportunity to offer our thoughts on
   computer crime, network security and privacy concerns to interested
   and open-minded SFPD Academy leadership.   We'll also enjoy a short 
presentation by the Society of Former
   Primes' director of disinformation, Bill Scannell on safe sex with P.I.Gs.

  Squeal like a pig Boy!

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