Rogue terror state violates Geneva Convention

Jim Choate ravage at
Tue Jan 15 05:42:49 PST 2002

This is not concrete, it is flawed.

You(!) first have to demonstrate that people and nations operate on the
same rules and laws.

They don't...


Further, your 'distinction' actually begs the question in that your
example was built to lead to your conclusion.


Further, you need to demonstrate that A's ONLY(!!!) offense is blocking
the driveway AND that that act did not itself perpetuate another event
which COULD lead to an unintentional death or murder. Why was A blocking
the driveway again?...


On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, F. Marc de Piolenc wrote:

> Okay, let's try a concrete example:
> A commits the offense of blocking another's driveway with his
> automobile.
> B commits murder.
> Is A in the same category as B? If yes, then I have to concede the
> argument, because as you say the US government is not Simon-pure. I do,
> however, make a distinction.


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