Rogue terror state violates Geneva Convention

Jim Choate ravage at
Mon Jan 14 15:28:51 PST 2002

On Mon, 14 Jan 2002, Jim Dixon wrote:

> In the second world war, people out of uniform but carrying guns
> were often just shot out of hand.

Not generaly by the allies they weren't.

> If taken prisoner, they weren't treated as prisoners of war but as spies, 
> bandits, or terrorists.

Again, not applicable in general to the Allies.

> Some of us remember the chief of police in Saigon dealing out summary
> justice during the Tet offensive on this basis: the VC wasn't in
> uniform, so he just shot him, right in front of all of those
> cameramen.

And look at what it cost him...this is PERFECT example of why NOT to treat
these folks as anything other than strict POW's.

> Those fighting on behalf of the Taleban appear to be an unorganized
> militia - no uniforms, no ranks, no saluting, just guns and lots of
> spirit.  You can't make them PoWs because they don't recognize any
> chain of command.

Actually you can. Simply because they don't run their army according to
your rules doesn't exclude you from civilized behaviour.

Thinking like this is exactly what has those folks pissed off to begin

"Freedom for me, not for thee"


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