Libertarian Party versus Cosmopolitan Party

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Sun Jan 13 10:40:52 PST 2002

I have been a libertarian for many years because it was the most pro-
freedom political movement available. But I have come to the
realization that even with a libertarian president and administration,
we are all dead.

Libertarianism is good; do not get me wrong. But because it is a
pragmatic party and not grounded in unmovable principles, it can and
has been penetrated by cryptically anti-freedom individuals: "socialist
libertarians," "environmental libertarians," and so on. The few
loopholes in libertarianism leave the door open to professional
manipulators called neocheaters who will continue usurping the value
producers and block biological immortality from rising in America.

January 1, 2002 is the official birth date of the Cosmopolitan Party.
This party is fully anchored in rock-solid principles of liberty. Its
political platform is an irresistible matrix of reality and honesty --
arising from reason and common sense -- all grounded in unassailable
reality. Thus, neither its candidates nor its adherents can debase it
with compromises on the most basic issue of liberty: individual rights.

Like looking into a crystal ball, the future becomes starkly clear to
anyone who peruses this platform. There is no alternative but the
liberation of all value producers in the United States, enabling market-
driven science to develop human immortality without interference by
anyone. Furthermore, this party's sound fiscal strategy will increase
the real wealth of all US citizens. We can add huge chunks of time and
money to our lives via the Cosmopolitan Party -- perhaps a 25% increase
in longevity by 2007 and a 33% increase in purchasing power by 2008.

As a side note, Omar and Osama are false targets. They are decoys,
foils. Khartoum and Tehran are the real centers of international
terrorism. By penetrating fifty countries within a few months, the
Cosmopolitan Party will become the religious-terrorists' worst
nightmare. Freedom and prosperity lovers, on the other hand, will learn
that the Cosmopolitan Party is a dream come true.

David Hunter
The Cosmopolitan Party

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