Israel's control of the U.S. -- and debunking rumors

John Young jya at
Fri Jan 11 20:17:06 PST 2002

If you've been to Israel you would know that statements like
that attributed to Sharon are fairly common. It's part of the
nation's cultural hyperbole to overstate with ironic humor
the mixed message sent to Israel by the US and by Israel to
the US. Samples:

"The US needs us more than we need them."

"Jews in America wouldn't survive without Israel to protect

"Without Israel the US would have to invent its own enemies."

"American Jews have no place to call their own except Israel."

"The US would have little to hate if not for Israel."

"Israel's nation building helps the US warn Afro-Americans."

And many very vulgar, very funny variations. US immigrants 
are shocked at the very idea of hard-earned superiority, 
coming late to black humor of the your home is our homeland 
game (rather forgetting the US hard-fought precursor to
steal America and impose leastworthy European subculture;
thankfully being slowly upgraded by the Mayan and Asian influx).

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