mattd mattd at
Thu Jan 10 21:11:21 PST 2002

 >>I personally have gotten tired
of reading your drivel,<<

If you see my name then dont read it.Im not paying much attention to you 

 >>accordingly you have started to suffer the same
fate as detweiler, cohen, vulis and others.<<

Que? What fate? I dont know Cohen,who he?

 >>Hoped you liked the little
procmail thingie, our former resident book author, bill arnold loved it,
As well as the other version which outed all of his postings directly
to his supervisors in the school system. havent seen old Bill for about a
couple of years now.:) <<

Ive filtered out some redundant mail lately,Who's bill arnold?

 >>with malice aforthought anonymous tentacle #69
p.s. some of us only watch, wait and strike<<

If your threatening me,your not being clear enough about it.More detail 
please,anonymously if you like,Im always looking for fresh material for my 

 >>pseudo-anarchists like mattd <<

Why pseudo? please,I really want to know that.Write me direct if you want 
to see less of me on the list.

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