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Thu Jan 3 21:17:49 PST 2002

t 03:31 PM 1/3/02 -0500, Sunder wrote:
>www.m-w.com - type in punk, you get this:
>Main Entry:	1punk 

>2 [probably partly from 3punk] : NONSENSE, FOOLISHNESS --SEE CHOATE, J.; MATTD, aka VULIS

>3 a : a young inexperienced person : BEGINNER, NOVICE; especially : a
>young man b : a usually petty gangster, hoodlum, or ruffian c : a youth
>used as a homosexual partner  --NO COMMENT

>4 a : PUNK ROCK b : a punk rock musician c : one who affects punk styles

Closest in meaning in CP; abstracted from 4 a to mean 
a rebellious person (see punk rock), with connotations 
of serious enthusiasm (see fan; afficionado; proponent)

The CP etymology references an 80's cyberchick (J.M. IIRC)
(see cyberchick) who referred to a prominant CP by that label.
(see the archives)

-A Future Linguist

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