End-to-end encrypting US GSM phones?

Lucky Green shamrock at cypherpunks.to
Wed Jan 2 05:27:56 PST 2002

Ryan wrote:
> Key management would tax a palm a bit, depending on how you 
> handle public key crypto, primarily on the battery side.  I 
> suppose if you do key generation on the palm when docked, 
> it's not as much of a concern.

Being rather familiar with cryptographic implementations for the Palm
platform, I would strongly recommend against attempting to use Palm as a
voice encryption device. The platform simply lacks the horsepower to do
so. This won't change until Palm starts rolling out their next
generation ARM based devices late this year. Of course since the current
underpowered Palm platform is continuing to lose the adoption rate fight
against PocketPC, basing any new product on the future availability of
next-generation Palm devices places the software developer's business
model at risk.

--Lucky Green

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