Silver coin banks to oppose the Fed?

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Tue Dec 31 21:28:18 PST 2002

My Fellow Cypherpunks,

THIRD EDITION!! Sorry, this corrects the 2nd edition and 1st which had bad 
links. AOL  is a bitch!

   My 1st post on this subject lost text. sorry. Here is the full text:

    I have found another alternative to our corrupt, fiat, debt issued, 
privately owned, fractionally reserved $US.  - Silver Banks.
Here is the idea. The silver bank only accepts the walking silver dollar 
coin. It treats each coin as 1 US dollar as it nominally is.
However, each coin is worth many times that in $US money. Bank members are 
encouraged to deal with each other by
writing checks on the silver bank. Also, members are encouraged to give deep 
discounts to other members for purchases.
There are tax advantages to using the silver bank. Also, the transactions and 
store of value are inflation proof. Also, VERY 
IMPORTANT,  use of the bank will encourage "velocity of transactions" 
(business) among the members and, thusly, keep
the members prosperous. 

   Well, Cypherpunks, is this a good plan or not? Any ideas for making it 
The link below is where I got the info from:

<A HREF=""></A>

Yours Truly, 
Gary Jeffers


to see how the world really works see:
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to see how our evil money system really works see:
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