Dossiers and Customer Courtesy Cards

Kevin Elliott k-elliott at
Tue Dec 31 13:32:19 PST 2002

At 12:03 -0800  on  12/31/02, Tim May wrote:
>Yes. So?
>Notice that exactly the same type of coupon is printed out with a 
>cash or non >courtesy card purchase. It's a purely local 
>calculation. In programming terms, >a purely local variable 

No.  Obviously the coupon was closely linked with my buying pattern, 
and in at least one case I received one of these "buy several" 
coupons without having purchased that product that particular trip 
(though I'd purchased it the the past).

>In my normal insulting way I would say "Duh" here. But I am 
>attempting to be >more polite, so I will say  "Am I missing 
>something in your analysis?"

My oh my.  Getting an early start on your new years resolution? <G>
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