biological systems and cryptography

Michael Cardenas mbc at
Tue Dec 31 11:41:59 PST 2002

How do you all see the future use of biologically based systems
affecting cryptography in general?

By biologically based systems I mean machine learning, genetic
algorithms, chips that learn (like Carver Mead's work), neural
networks, vecor support machines, associative memory, etc.

It seems to me that computer science based on writing longer and
longer streams of instructions is coming to an end, as it cannot
possibly scale. We now have supercomputers that can execute 35
trillion instructions per second, but if someone has to write all of
those instuctions, what good are they?  Also, it seems that the brain
has immensely powerful visual processing power, without having
millions of lines of code written to do so.

I only ask this because I'm deciding whether to study computational
neuroscience or cryptography in grad school.

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