NSA Show Sexually Arouses Hanssen

Tim May tcmay at got.net
Sat Dec 28 23:07:56 PST 2002

On Saturday, December 28, 2002, at 03:16  PM, <jya at pipeline.com> wrote:

> The 20/20 TV show on December 27, 2002 had a segment on Robert 
> Hanssen, FBI
> spy, in which he is described as becoming sexually aroused by a 
> National
> Security Agency PowerPoint presentation and stroked himself through 
> his pants,
> according to Eric O'Neill, a young FBI agent who had been assigned to 
> covertly
> report on Hanssens's activities. (The show transcript omits the 
> stroking
> description and demonstration on camera by O'Neill.) Crypome invites
> information on which NSA presentation aroused Hanssen, and a copy of 
> it for
> publication.

This is silly. Rather than show that Hanssen had any particular erotic 
reaction to part of the NSA presentation, it is vastly more likely that 
it shows that anyone under constant surveillance will at some point do 
something, perhaps out of boredom, out of daydreaming, which 
surveillers will note with prurient interest.

"Citizen-unit Winston Smith was observed engaging in said behavior 
during the Thursday One Hour Preparation for the Great Hate. Suggest 
surveillance be increased."

--Tim May

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