[MPUNKS] Cypherpunks December Mtg: HIGHFIRE Design Session

Bill Stewart bill.stewart at pobox.com
Fri Dec 13 02:43:22 PST 2002

At 05:21 AM 12/13/2002 +0000, Peter Fairbrother wrote:
>Dave Del Torto wrote:
> > Resumes should be in plain
> > ASCII text format with a PGP signature (detached sigs are OK) and on
> > floppy disk or CD-R also containing a copy of the applicant's PGP
> > public key.
>Fuck off.
>If you think that a PGP key is good enough, you don't know the threats you
>are facing with GAK and the like. If you think a resume should be
>Peter Fairbrother

He didn't say you needed a resume to get into the meeting;
he said you needed it if you wanted to apply for a job
so they can show the people they're asking for grant money
that they've got a bunch of highly qualified people that
are interested in working on the project.
If it's like most projects, the resume is largely separate from
whether everybody knows whether you write great code quickly,
but it can be a hook to remind them who's interested.

Personally, I like resumes to be in hand-written well-styled HTML :-)

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