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Igor Chudov ichudov at Algebra.COM
Thu Dec 12 07:49:51 PST 2002 filters choate out completely. I also filter out a lot of
spam using spamassassin and a bunch of other tools.


On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 07:54:20PM -0800, James A. Donald wrote:
>     --
> On 11 Dec 2002 at 2:40, Nomen Nescio wrote:
> > But cypherpunks isn't that great a forum for publishing
> > ideas.  Take a look at
> > to 
> > see the unfiltered list feed.  Sure, no subscriber with half
> > a clue actually sees it like this, but that's how it looks to
> > the outside world.
> In a way, Mathew's and Choate's attack upon the list has done
> us a favour.  The list is now effectively restricted to those
> with the will and ability to use filters, which raises the
> required intelligence level.
> For a while Mathew kept changing his email address, which led
> me to consider hunting him down and remonstrating him in person
> on my next visit to Australia, but now he holds it constant, so
> he and Choate are only a problem for idiots.
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>          James A. Donald
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