Photographer Arrested For Taking Pictures Of Vice President'S Hotel

Tim May tcmay at
Mon Dec 9 09:17:46 PST 2002

On Monday, December 9, 2002, at 06:56  AM, Tyler Durden wrote:

> "Frankly, millions of these fascists need a simple solution: a tree, a 
> horse, and a rope."
> Damn. If it gets to the point where I'm a terrorist because some local 
> warlord doesn't like me (or thinks I disrespect his authority), then 
> "might makes right" is all that will be left.

Anyone in the U.S. can be declared an "enemy combatant" and vanished 
away from lawyers, habeas corpus, the 6th Amendment, and any semblance 
of the system of liberty we sort of had at one time.

> In a way, the potential and impending truth of Tim May's statement is 
> for a me a motivator to continue to promote strong crypto, ubiquitous 
> Wi-Fi, "BlackNet", and so on. Hopefully it won't come down to the 
> above.

It's mildly amusing to watch your months-long transition from newcomer 
to believer that crypto provides the tools for sabotaging the State and 
protecting real liberty.

--Tim May
"If I'm going to reach out to the the Democrats then I need a third 
hand.There's no way I'm letting go of my wallet or my gun while they're 
around." --attribution uncertain, possibly Gunner, on Usenet

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