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US Airways is pleased to present this weekend's Domestic E-Savers offers:

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We will not be offering Domestic E-Savers for travel during the weekends of Dec. 28 and Jan. 4 due to the upcoming holiday season. But you can still take advantage of other great travel deals at

Here are this week's E-Savers for travel departing Saturday, December 7 and returning Sunday, December 8; Monday, December 9; or Tuesday, December 10.

For travel this weekend, make your reservations online at 
These special fares can also be purchased by calling 1-888-359-3728. Tickets must be purchased at the time of reservation.

FROM:                     TO:                       FARE:
Albany, NY                Washington National, DC   $128 (#3)
Albany, NY                Pittsburgh, PA            $128 

Allentown, PA             Charlotte, NC             $138  

Atlanta, GA               Charlotte, NC             $108 (*) 

Baltimore, MD             Charlotte, NC             $138  
Baltimore, MD             Pittsburgh, PA            $138  
Baltimore, MD             San Francisco, CA         $208 (C)

Bedford, MA               Trenton, NJ               $128 (#19)

Binghamton, NY            Pittsburgh, PA            $128 (#5)

Birmingham, AL            Charlotte, NC             $138  

Boston, MA                Charlotte, NC             $148 
Boston, MA                New York LaGuardia, NY    $128  
Boston, MA                Houston, TX               $158 (C)
Boston, MA                Richmond, VA              $128 (#6)

Buffalo, NY               Washington National, DC   $128 (#1)
Buffalo, NY               Philadelphia, PA          $128  
Buffalo, NY               Raleigh/Durham, NC        $148 (C)

Burlington, VT            Washington National, DC   $128 (#17)
Burlington, VT            Pittsburgh, PA            $128  

Charleston, SC            Philadelphia, PA          $138 (#8)

Charleston, WV            Washington National, DC   $118 (#14)

Charlotte, NC             Atlanta, GA               $108 (*)  
Charlotte, NC             Fayetteville, AR          $128 (#9)
Charlotte, NC             Pittsburgh, PA            $148 (*)  
Charlotte, NC             Mobile, AL                $138 (#9)
Charlotte, NC             Jacksonville, FL          $148 (*)  
Charlotte, NC             Washington Dulles, DC     $148 (*)  
Charlotte, NC             Buffalo, NY               $148  
Charlotte, NC             Denver, CO                $198  
Charlotte, NC             Washington National, DC   $148 (*)  

Chattanooga, TN           Charlotte, NC             $118 (#10)

Chicago O'Hare, IL        Boston, MA                $148 (C)

Cincinnati, OH            Charlotte, NC             $138 (#15)
Cincinnati, OH            Washington National, DC   $138 (C)
Cincinnati, OH            Philadelphia, PA          $128 (*) (#7)

Cleveland, OH             Boston, MA                $138 (C)
Cleveland, OH             Charlotte, NC             $138  
Cleveland, OH             Philadelphia, PA          $128 (#7)

Columbia, SC              Charlotte, NC             $118 (#10)
Columbia, SC              Newark, NJ                $148 (C)

Columbus, OH              Jacksonville, FL          $158 (C)
Columbus, OH              Philadelphia, PA          $128  

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX      Charlotte, NC             $158  

Dayton, OH                Philadelphia, PA          $128 (#17)

Detroit, MI               Columbia, SC              $148 (C)
Detroit, MI               Philadelphia, PA          $138  

Elmira, NY                Philadelphia, PA          $118 (#4)

Evansville, IN            Pittsburgh, PA            $128 (#17)

Ft. Wayne, IN             Pittsburgh, PA            $118 (#19)

Gainesville, FL           Charlotte, NC             $128 (#14)

Grand Rapids, MI          Pittsburgh, PA            $128 (#20)

Greensboro, NC            Chicago O'Hare, IL        $148 (C)
Greensboro, NC            Pittsburgh, PA            $138 (*) (#11)

Greenville/Spart., SC     Pittsburgh, PA            $138 (#13)

Harrisburg, PA            Boston, MA                $128 (#1)
Harrisburg, PA            Pittsburgh, PA            $108  
Harrisburg, PA            Charlotte, NC             $128  

Hartford, CT              Washington National, DC   $128 
Hartford, CT              Pittsburgh, PA            $128  

Houston, TX               Charlotte, NC             $158  

Indianapolis, IN          Washington National, DC   $138 (#9)
Indianapolis, IN          Pittsburgh, PA            $118  

Ithaca, NY                Pittsburgh, PA            $128 (#5)

Jacksonville, FL          Charlotte, NC             $148 (*)  

Kalamazoo, MI             Pittsburgh, PA            $118 (#17)

Knoxville, TN             Washington National, DC   $118 (#12)

Lexington, KY             Charlotte, NC             $128 (#15)
Lexington, KY             Pittsburgh, PA            $128 (#18)

Los Angeles, CA           Pittsburgh, PA            $228  

Louisville, KY            Charlotte, NC             $118 (#10)
Louisville, KY            Houston, TX               $158 (C)
Louisville, KY            Pittsburgh, PA            $108 (#12)

Manchester, NH            New York LaGuardia, NY    $128 (#2)
Manchester, NH            Philadelphia, PA          $138  

Milwaukee, WI             Pittsburgh, PA            $128  

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN  Columbia, SC              $158 (C)

Montgomery, AL            Charlotte, NC             $128 (#10)

Nashville, TN             Charlotte, NC             $118  
Nashville, TN             Philadelphia, PA          $138 (#5)
Nashville, TN             Pittsburgh, PA            $128  

New Orleans, LA           Washington National, DC   $148  

New York LaGuardia, NY    Atlanta, GA               $148 (C)
New York LaGuardia, NY    Washington Dulles, DC     $128 (#2)
New York LaGuardia, NY    Syracuse, NY              $118 (*) (#2)
New York LaGuardia, NY    Washington National, DC   $128  

Newark, NJ                Pittsburgh, PA            $138  
Newark, NJ                San Francisco, CA         $218 (*) (C)

Newport News, VA          Charlotte, NC             $128 (#14)

Norfolk, VA               Charlotte, NC             $128  
Norfolk, VA               Philadelphia, PA          $128  

Orlando, FL               Charlotte, NC             $148  

Philadelphia, PA          Birmingham, AL            $128 (#9)
Philadelphia, PA          Charlotte, NC             $148  
Philadelphia, PA          Los Angeles, CA           $228  
Philadelphia, PA          Cincinnati, OH            $128 (*) (#7)
Philadelphia, PA          Syracuse, NY              $128  
Philadelphia, PA          Phoenix, AZ               $228  
Philadelphia, PA          Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN  $168  

Pittsburgh, PA            Atlanta, GA               $138  
Pittsburgh, PA            Boston, MA                $148  
Pittsburgh, PA            Charlotte, NC             $148 (*)  
Pittsburgh, PA            Greensboro, NC            $138 (*) (#11)
Pittsburgh, PA            Providence, RI            $138 (*)  
Pittsburgh, PA            Kansas City, MO           $128  
Pittsburgh, PA            San Diego, CA             $228  

Portland, ME              Philadelphia, PA          $128  

Providence, RI            Washington National, DC   $138  
Providence, RI            Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL  $158 (C)
Providence, RI            Pittsburgh, PA            $138 (*)  
Providence, RI            Philadelphia, PA          $118  

Raleigh/Durham, NC        Washington National, DC   $128 (#15)
Raleigh/Durham, NC        Pittsburgh, PA            $148  
Raleigh/Durham, NC        New York LaGuardia, NY    $148 (#6)

Richmond, VA              Philadelphia, PA          $118  

Roanoke, VA               Pittsburgh, PA            $108 (#16)

Rochester, NY             Washington National, DC   $128 (#1)
Rochester, NY             Philadelphia, PA          $118  

San Diego, CA             Boston, MA                $218 (C)

San Francisco, CA         Newark, NJ                $228 (*) (C)

South Bend, IN            Pittsburgh, PA            $118 (#20)

Syracuse, NY              Washington National, DC   $128 (#3)
Syracuse, NY              Pittsburgh, PA            $118  
Syracuse, NY              New York LaGuardia, NY    $118 (*) (#2)

Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL  Charlotte, NC             $138  

Washington Dulles, DC     Charlotte, NC             $148 (*)  
Washington Dulles, DC     Pittsburgh, PA            $128 (#2)

Washington National, DC   Charlotte, NC             $148 (*)  
Washington National, DC   Greensboro, NC            $138 (#14)
Washington National, DC   Los Angeles, CA           $218 (C)
Washington National, DC   Pittsburgh, PA            $138  
Washington National, DC   Portland, ME              $138 (#17)

White Plains, NY          Pittsburgh, PA            $128 (#10)

Worcester, MA             Philadelphia, PA          $118 (#1)

Roundtrip purchase required.

(*) Indicates available for travel originating in either city
(C) Indicates travel requires a connecting flight
(#) Indicates travel is wholly on US Airways Express, served by the following carriers:
    1. Allegheny
    2. Allegheny/Colgan
    3. Allegheny/Piedmont
    4. Allegheny/PSA
    5. Allegheny/Trans States
    6. Chautauqua
    7. Chautauqua/Mesa
    8. Chautauqua/PSA
    9. Mesa
   10. Mesa/Piedmont
   11. Mesa/Piedmont/Trans States
   12. Mesa/PSA
   13. Mesa/PSA/Trans States
   14. Piedmont
   15. Piedmont/PSA
   16. Piedmont/Shuttle America/Trans States
   17. PSA
   18. PSA/Shuttle America
   19. Shuttle America
   20. Trans States
Fares shown are based on roundtrip Coach travel on US Airways/US Airways Express, during the period specified above. Depending upon your travel needs, alternative routings may be available at the same fares, with part of the service on regional aircraft operated by US Airways Express carriers Allegheny, Air Midwest, CCAIR, Chautauqua, Colgan, Mesa, Piedmont, PSA, Shuttle America or Trans States.


Dividend Incentives - US Airways' mileage incentive program - enables your business to reward and motivate customers and employees. And now, you can buy and award miles online at Make your first online purchase by 2/28/02 and earn 20,000 bonus miles - enough miles for a free domestic off-peak ticket on US Airways. To register and for complete terms and conditions, visit


US Airways has teamed up with to offer E-Savers subscribers great discounts at hotels in this weekend's E-Savers destinations. Simply visit 
and click on the E-Savers destination you're planning to visit. will list a variety of hotels offering a wide range of rates for you to choose from. Book your room online or call directly at 1-800-645-6144.

Here's a sample of this week's special rates from

Boston from          $69
Charlotte from       $49
Philadelphia from    $65
Providence from      $69
Washington DC from   $55


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Already a Dividend Miles member? You can earn triple miles on every US Airways Shuttle flight you fly through December 31, 2002. Plus, your bonus miles will count towards earning Preferred status. Register before you take your next US Airways Shuttle flight at

Reminder: Make sure your Dividend Miles account number is in your E-Savers reservation, so you can earn miles for worldwide award travel on US Airways and our partners. To enroll in Dividend Miles, go to
To earn even more miles, book E-Savers using your US Airways Dividend Miles Visa card. To apply for the Dividend Miles Visa card issued by Bank of America, please visit us at

Please note:  Mileage bonus for booking online does not apply to E-Savers.  


- Restrictions: Seats are limited and are not available on all flights/days. Fares cannot be combined with other fares, discounts, promotions or coupons. Travel must begin and end in the same city. One-way travel, stopovers, waitlisting and standbys are not permitted. Tickets must be purchased at the time of reservation. Fares will not be honored retroactively or in conjunction with the exchange of any partially used ticket.

- Travel: Depart Saturday, 12/7/02, and return Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, 12/8-12/10/02.

- Taxes/Fees: Fares do not include a $3 federal excise tax which will be imposed on each flight segment of your itinerary. A flight segment is defined as a takeoff and a landing. Fares for Canada do not include total government-imposed taxes and fees of up to $70. Depending on the itinerary, passenger facility charges of up to $18 and the September 11th Security Fee of up to $10 may apply in addition to the fare. 

- Changes: Tickets become non-refundable 24 hours after making initial reservation, and may be changed prior to the departure of each flight segment for a minimum $100 fee. If changes are not made prior to the departure date/time of each flight, the entire remaining ticket will have no further value.

- Miscellaneous: Lower fares may be available in these markets. Other conditions apply.


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