- WiFi activists on free Web crusade - Nov. 29, 2002 (fwd)

Dave Howe DaveHowe at
Sun Dec 1 15:28:43 PST 2002

Eugen Leitl wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Nov 2002, Dave Howe wrote:
> I believe I mentioned geographic routing (which is actually
> switching, and not routing) so your packets get delivered, as the
> crow flies. The question of name services. How often do you actually
> use a domain name as an end user? Not very often. People typically
> use a search engine. It doesn't matter how the URI looks like, as
> long as it can be clicked on, or is short enough to be cut and
> pasted, or written down on a piece of paper and entered manually, in
> a pinch.
ah. Sorry, I don't think of dns as a name service (apart from once
removed) - we are talking DHCP or similar routable-address assignment.

>> under ipv6 you can avoid having to have a explicit naming service -
>> the
> You obviously understand under naming service something other than
> DNS.
yup - I recognise anything as a naming service that allows you to associate
a routable name with a node that otherwise has only a mac address;

> Anything which relies on global routing tables and their refresh will
> always has an issue. Which is why geographical local-knowledge routing
> will dominate global networks.
Indeed so - but of course the current internet *does* work that way, so any
new solution that advertises itself as "Free Internet access" *must* fit
into the current scheme or it is worthless.

> The best solution would seem to leave the multilingual node the
> choice of means of delivery. It would be completely transparent to
> the packet.
Unfortunately, such abstraction fails unless the *sender* knows how to push
the packet in the right direction, and each hop knows how to get it a little
nearer; this more or less requires that each node be given a unique
identifier compatable with the existing system, and given the existing
system is still ipv4, there are problems.

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