Smart inventory control overshoot

Paul Breed Paul at
Mon Apr 29 14:15:16 PDT 2002

I've been working on an old car, in the process of removing the spot welds I
needed a specific sized bullet tipped drill bit. The bit would only last
about 5 welds and I had hundreds to do.  The only place I could find locally
to buy the bits was in a pack of 15 various size bits at the local home

So, over the period of three months, I purchased all of their drill sets,
every weekend (usually 3 sets).  Now I have disassembled the old car and
don't need more bits. The last time I was in the home center they had so
many of these drill bit sets that they were overflowing on to the floor.

>From my experience the computerized inventory system has a delay of about 3
months.  It determined that this item sold out for 12 weeks straight,
plugged this into it's inventory tracking prediction S/W and ordered
hundreds and hundreds of sets......


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