James Glassman wants national IDs: "We have to give up" privacy

Blanc blancw at cnw.com
Fri Oct 26 01:15:36 PDT 2001

>From Mark Talbot:

:I have yet to see a post 9/11 scheme that would actually enhance my
:safety in any significant way. Even police states have terrorists.

I was listening on the radio some days ago to a journalist from Sri Lanka
describing how strict and thorough the security is in their region.
Nevertheless they still have bombings.  And for every bomb, and the deaths
of relatives and friends, another terrorist 'is born' who wants vengeance.

A local problem the legislators have overlooked is that there are young
teenage boys in typical American homes who even now may be planning to blast
away their high schools.  If they actually carry out their grievances in the
next four years, under the new rules they and their families and even their
friends will be classified as terrorists and supporters.

Furthermore, under the new rules which allow all sorts of surveillance, many
public officials themselves are likely to be the first ones caught doing
illegal things or having their personal indecencies intercepted.  And they
may be the first to figure out imaginative ways around the surveillance -
which would be really useful.


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