Detainees, Personal Libertarianism, and Vengeance

Optimizzin Al-gorithm oa at
Thu Oct 18 08:51:38 PDT 2001

At 11:59 PM 10/17/01 -0400, Declan McCullagh wrote:
>Torturing and murdering the innocent children of someone who may --
>let's even stipulate a moment of malice -- have written an article
>that misquoted you is not exactly behavior that civilized society
>should applaud.

Depends.  Males, including what are now called 'minors', of the defeated

may be killed at will, according to the (admittedly archaic but still
worshipped) texts of the dominant religions in places like US, Arabia,

According to the pissed off arabs, the US has been starving arab
The US certainly hauled asian children out to the desert
in the last official war.  Just label them 'collateral damage', drop
some vegetarian rations on them, and you can feel good about yourself
while you
count your cropdusters..

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