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Wed Oct 17 10:03:44 PDT 2001

 > On Sun, Oct 14, 2001 at 10:40:40AM -0700, Tim May wrote:
> > stuff about zero point energy and perpetual motion machines. And,
> >  sometimes, mixed together with the usual nutcase stuff about the
> > Hollow  Earth theory (zeta reticulans colonizing the hollow
> > earth, Greys,  underground UFO bases, secret Nazi weapons, etc.).
> Righto. It's a staple of the UFO fringe. See:
> And then there was this, which I wrote 2.5 years ago. Some folks,
> including I believe Tim, said at the time that I was being too
> uncritical, and looking back, they was right. It's a little painful
> to read; at the very least I should have reversed the order of the
> article.

You do realise, that this is what the ufo field is about?
+Sightings And Encounters and the influence this has had on our
-Not free energy devices and dead alien bodies.
Roswell isn't a story of a simple metal box landing, retrieval and 
the obvious cover-up. It's extra much more. A mind game with
unknown players and an unseen goal.
The stains on Monicas dress could very well be evidence of sexual
conduct, but our unknown players here have some serious washing
You can't cover this with Politics and Technology.
You can not expect Warner Brothers and Fox to be able to portray
these events. 
But if they do, you realise that you haven't seen this in
Politics and Technology and the subject matter is so not of your kin
that you will consider it to be just another movie.
You have my permission to investigate further, mr Corso:
Then you say, this guy has been watching way too much xfiles, even
though men in black and chupacabras and what have you, existed long 
before they were the subject of television shows.

And that is one of the reasons why this thick field leads to
unwarranted assumptions.
We want easy answers, but we aren't getting any.
Neither from the ufos nor from the government/media nor from any
serious ufo thinkers.
There are no easy answers in this field and does that bother you?
If it does, good, because it should. You guys always speak of the
Well what kind of sheep has an unknown object hovering above it
while shouting look ma - Venus!

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