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Tim May tcmay at
Tue Jul 24 09:19:53 PDT 2001

At 1:20 AM -0700 7/24/01, Petro wrote:
>>This guy is a laugh riot.  Where does he dig this stuff up?  What a moron.
>	Tim calls it "Choatien Prime".

Actually, "Choate Prime," the planet which exists askew of our own 
reality, and which Jim Choate channels. On Choate Prime, the laws of 
physics are as Jim Choate channels them to us, the nature of prime 
numbers is as he describes, law is different from our reality, and 
their history diverged from ours some centuries ago. (The point of 
divergence might have been longer ago, but I haven't heard Choate 
expound on Roman history, so I don't know for sure.)

Perhaps Choate Prime only exists in Jim Choate's a puzzlement.

--Tim May

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