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Mon Jul 23 14:26:32 PDT 2001

i'd front the expense of the test and a cab fare between his home and the
nearest testing facility (not to exceed $50 total cab fare.) but let's make
this interesting:

1.  Choate will receive a $500 bonus if he scores above 97th percentile (eg.
97th percentile loses, but 97.01th percentile wins.) (I'll pitch in $100 in
prize money, the rest from cpunks?)
2.  ETS scores must be presented in original unmodified form to an approved
cpunks reader within 72 hours of Choate's receipt of official test scores.
3.  Choate pays the EFF $500 for any score less than 85 percentile.  Choate
must send this money via an approved cpunks reader to the EFF to verify the
inevitable transfer of funds.
4.  If the ETS scores aren't received by Choate and cpunks within a
reasonable period of time (not to exceed eight weeks from the day of the
test), Choate will not be eligible for the $500 bonus, and Choate must pay
the EFF $250 as per point 4 above.
5.  If Choate does not take the exam by September 30, 2001 he must pay the
EFF $250 as per point 4 above.


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> By my count, we now have three or four people willing in principle to
> either chip in or refund the ~$100 cost. Depending on details (we'd
> require full disclosure, of course), Choate could make up to $300 on this,
> after expenses.
> That should be sufficient incentive.
> -Declan
> On Sun, Jul 22, 2001 at 10:23:11PM -0700, Petro wrote:
> > At 9:41 PM -0700 7/22/01, Black Unicorn wrote:
> > >I will personally refund the money to Mr. Choate when he
> presents a valid ETS
> > >score report for the test to me or Mr. Sandfort.
> >
> > 	Willing to make me the same offer?

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