Sircam's accidental spying considered hilarious

Mr. Falun Gong balun_bong at
Mon Jul 23 15:29:59 PDT 2001

Saving the infected files as e.g., txt and viewing them makes for
amusing accidental spying.  God *damn* randoms are stupid.

E.g., from _Comprimise_ [sic]
" I don't see important [sic] that we have the right to go and buy a
fully automatic high caliber gun. We need to have gun control to
regulate this. We cannot discriminate [sic] who gets the right to bare
[sic] arms because that is what this country is all about"

At least The Bells in _Synchronized Swimming_ can spell.

It would have been hilarious if John Deutsch's home machine had gotten
the bug, eh?

Free Dmitri, Recall DCMA, Behead those who voted for it,

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