Petro petro at
Sun Jul 22 14:30:38 PDT 2001

At 4:35 PM -0500 7/21/01, Anonymous wrote:
>> If we all look back to our younger
>> days, I think we can see a much more plausible explanation for their
>> actions.  Hell raising.
>> For certain people at certain ages, it's FUN to riot, throw things at the
>> cops, trash stores, overturn cars and burn stuff.  It is exactly the real
>> lack of coherent messages from the "protestors" that supports this obvious
>> conclusion.  At the University of Michigan, the riots were basically the
>> same, only the justification was more banal--the outlawing of booze on
>> campus.
>> It should be obvious that these riots are not so much ideologically
>> motivated (though that's the pseudo-rational), but testosterone motivated.
>> Most of these monkeys couldn't spell anarchy let alone understand it
>> philosophically.  Let's not confuse the cover story with the real
>> motive--fucking stuff up for the fun of it.
>And so you propose that the protestors travelled hundreds of miles, putting
>themselves in direct danger of physical harm, simply for fun?


>I would submit that you have no idea what the protestors actual motivations

	The point is neither do most of them. 

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