Kyllo: Taking the 5th on the 4th

petro petro at
Thu Jul 5 21:13:00 PDT 2001

>At 06:44 PM 7/3/01 -0700, petro wrote:
>>>Although the ruling only appears to apply to one's home it does
>>>raise questions whether citizens may have the right to prevent their
>>>observation while in public.  After all one is permitted tinted
>>>windows on autos.  Despite certain
>>	Not everywhere, and even then not all windows.
>Forget windows.  Noone tells bimbos to remove wigs, facepaint, sunglasses,
>gloves, various subdermal implants.  You can, of course, *observe* them, but
>you can't force them to reveal (flash to Planet of the Apes sequel) their
>*true face*.

	But they, you usually don't want to.

	It is however a more accurate analogy.
It is one of the essential features of such incompetence that the person so
afflicted is incapable of knowing that he is incompetent. To have such
knowledge would already be to remedy a good portion of the offense.

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