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Wed Jul 4 12:26:53 PDT 2001

Sounds like some neat stuff going on at Hushmail.  OpenPGP keys?  Will this
mean I can sign my messages and have non-hush users verify them?  That
would be great.

Plus the ability to store the Hush applet locally would answer one of the 
objections people have had.  I wonder, are the keys stored locally too? 
seems important.

But what's this about cutting back from 5MB to 2MB?  Geez, a MB costs less
than a penny these days.  Can they really have so many users that saving
2 cents a user will matter?


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 03:50:55 -0700
Subject: Important V2 Notice
From: support at

Dear HushMail user,

HushMail Version 2.0 will launch in early July!

Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure a smooth
transition to the enhanced service.

* Logging on to Version 2.0 *
1. Enter your username as usual.

2. A pop-up box will advise you that a new Thawte certificate is validating
the authenticity of the version 2.0 HushMail applet.
- To proceed you must click Yes –

3. Enter your passphrase as usual.

Your next step is to upgrade your Hush key pairs. This involves generating
new OpenPGP keys by moving your mouse randomly within a key-generation
application.  At no point in this process are your email, attachments, or
private keys vulnerable. After you have upgraded to OpenPGP key pairs, you
will be automatically transferred to the HushMail Version 2.0 login page.

4. You now have the option to install certain HushMail application files

In HushMail Version 2.0, users have the option to install the Hush applet
Java™ class files on their hard drive. The Java applet that HushMail
utilizes allows email messages to be encrypted before being sent to the

The implications of a local install are:

*Faster access
This will save time as it means users no longer have to wait for the
download every time they log in.
*Authentic code
Hush delivers its Java classes in a signed archive. Until now the class
files were delivered each time the user logged in.  With Version 2 the class
files may be installed locally, thus requiring the user to check the
validity of the files only once.

5. Enter your passphrase as usual.

Now check out the great new look and features of HushMail Version 2.0!

* Important notice *
- HushMail 2.0 allows you to manage your mail more efficiently, as the
amount of disk space you have used is now displayed. In version 2.0 the 
storage space allotted to each free HushMail account is reduced from 5MB 

We have made this decision in order to continue to provide and to improve
this free service. This reduction in storage space will take place on July
20. We advise you to delete mail in excess of the new 2MB limit to ensure 
smooth migration to the upgraded service. Alternatively, you may take this
opportunity to obtain a HushMail Premium account at a celebratory launch
price from only US$2.49 per month. Go to
for more details.

- In preparation for the launch, HushMail users must ensure that the mail 
their HushMail folders is within their allotted disk storage space. If they
are over the 2MB (HushMail free accounts) or 32MB (HushMail Premium
accounts) limit during the migration period, archived mail in excess of 
storage limit may be lost permanently.

- Throughout the migration period, which will last about three weeks from
launch, we will be transferring your email to a new, faster, even more
robust storage system.  During this time, your old email messages may not 
available.  Don’t worry.  They are safe and will be transferred back into
your email account.  Premium account users and extremely frequent users 
be given preference during this process.  At no point in this process is
encrypted email ever unencrypted.

- Users may occasionally encounter some downtime over this migration period.
The disruption to service will be minimal and we apologize in advance.

* Troubleshooting *
There will be a help link and a number of FAQs posted to assist you in
resolving any issues you should encounter during migration to Version 2.0.

* New Product Announcement *
HushIdentity – secure Web-based email system for your business
- Encrypted email @ your domain
Experience the security of HushMail with your own business or personal
domain email address.
- Cost-effective managed PKI solution for your small business
Register 10 email accounts from only US$19.99 per month

Find out more at,

Thank you for using HushMail as your secure mailing solution. We appreciate
your continued support and hope you will be pleased with this enhanced

Susanne Reiche
Director of Customer Support
Team Hush

Free, encrypted, secure Web-based email at

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