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Thu Aug 30 15:27:49 PDT 2001

My apologies to everyone who received PayPay e-mail from my server. It was not my intention to dupe or 
mislead anyone concerning their program. PayPal is an excellent service and I regret ever becoming involved 
in something which they consider illegal.

For anyone who sent or tried to send money through their system I will send the e-book Internet Cash 
machines valued at $24.95 for the same $5.00 gift plus the addresses of several other programs which are 
making money with free signups.

Send fowarded or returned e-mail to: jiva19 at along with your $5.00 gift and I will include 
interNetACTIVE valued at $29.00.
Last but not least Try this program receive $5.00 cash for signup & $5.00 cash for referrals.

Enjoy Your Surf
Ron Johnson

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