FACES! The Ultimate Composite Picture

Eric eric_karr at tlrc.every1.net
Mon Apr 16 09:51:04 PDT 2001

Dear Sir:

FACES, The Ultimate Composite Picture! is a breakthrough composite picture software on CD-ROM containing a database of close to 4,000 specially coded facial features. By simply clicking on these features with the mouse, users of all ages can create endless combinations of FACES of either sex and any race - in less than ten minutes! All of the selected features are automatically blended together, making the resulting picture look just like a photograph.

Not only does FACES allow you to create superb quality composite pictures in a matter of minutes you can also send them across the world in just a few seconds! This is due to a revolutionary feature, exclusive to FACES, called the InterCode. The InterCode is an alphanumeric ID code that FACES automatically assigns to each composite picture you create. FACES users can freely exchange InterCodes by phone, fax or e-mail. Once the recipient keys in the code, the corresponding composite picture is automatically generated on his or her screen thus completely bypassing the problem of transmitting graphic data electronically.

For the first time, FACES has made it possible for law enforcement agencies, businesses at risk and the general public to become part of an international information network, sharing high quality graphic data (composites) with unprecedented speed and ease. 

Designed for Windows and Mac platforms, FACES can be operated on any standard desktop or portable computer, eliminating all complicated and costly set-up procedures. For optimal results, a Pentium or PowerPC processor and 600 DPI laser printer are recommended.

Although FACES requires 680 MB of hard disk space, you do not have to install the software to use it: you can simply run FACES from your CD-ROM drive, leaving yourself plenty of free disk space for other applications.

Further if you have an image of a wanted suspect that you would like to have posted on our website please fee free to e-mail it to us with all the details and we will add it to our listing free of charge.

For more information please visit www.tlirc.com

Eric Karr
Texas Law Resource Center
Lubbock, Texas
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