CDR: Re: A secure voting protocol

Trei, Peter ptrei at
Tue Nov 14 11:44:37 PST 2000

> From: 	Anonymous[SMTP:nobody at]
> Peter Trei wrote:
> > I can state from personal experience that Silver Nitrate solution will 
> > produce stains on skin which gradually blacken in the light, and
> > don't come off till your skin wears off.
> But what happens when it is applied to Lakeesha Aswamba's finger?  Would
> the staining be visible?
I'll ignore the possibility that there is a racist implication behind

Who said it had to be black, or be Silver Nitrate? The example I saw
used a purple dye. If you actually knew any blacks (I'm using that 
word instead of the currently PC 'African-American' because it's skin
color that's under discussion, and the discussion applies to people
outside the US as well), you'd know that the palmar side of the hand
and fingers are much lighter than the back.

Also, if you want to get high tech, use a fluorescent dye mixed 
with DMSO. It'll penetrate deep into the skin, and be visible under
UV (no cosmetic objections). I suspect it'd take weeks to wear off.

Sometimes crypto is not the best solution. The various 'Internet
voting at home' schemes bug the hell out of me.


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