CDR: Re: A successful lawsuit means Gore wins!

George at Orwellian.Org George at Orwellian.Org
Thu Nov 9 14:58:11 PST 2000

Spooky Cypherpunk Niggar Tim May Moroned:
#    When I hear Jesse Jackson saying that unless the Palm Beach voters
#    are given the chance to have a new vote there will be a race war, I
#    rejoice.
#    I was just reading in misc.survivalism that some folks in Florida are
#    saying that if Al Gore and his Voters of Color succeed in twisting
#    the courts into stealing the election, that white folks will start
#    killing.
#    Music to my ears. The fuse is burning on the powder keg.

Holy shit!

I vote you are hereby ex-communicated from the Cypherpunks club,
joining Dimitry Vulis.

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