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>On Wed, 8 Nov 2000, William H. Geiger III wrote:

>> I personally used the FL ballot. It was large, well printed, and quite
>> legible. Anyone who was "confused" by it's format is just too dam stupid
>> to vote.

>As I understand it each county in florida uses a different balloting
>system, so just because *your* ballot was easy to read does not
>necessarily mean they all were.

>Not knowing what county is in question or what county you are in, or if
>the two counties are different whether they still manage to use the same
>ballot, I'm not sure if your information  is relavent or not

>(I really would like to see the questioned ballot..would it be so hard
>for someone to go scan in a sample one so we could at least make an
>informed judgement on such things...nah, that would make too much sense)

I had corrected myself in a followup post. The ballot that I used was
quite different than the one used in Palm Beach Co.

There are a couple of sites showing the ballot in question:,1119,oso-nation-82373,00.html

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