CDR: chaffing/winnowing software test

Tom Vogt tom at
Fri Jul 28 05:28:59 PDT 2000

I've done a simple chaffing and winnowing implementation, and would like
to invite everyone interested to have a look and give comments.


requires: openssl (for hmac)

the program consists of two parts: shaft will encode/decode, while
shaftsort will sort the chunk within a file. shaftsort has two purposes:
first, shaft relies on sorted input when decoding. second, the standard
shaft output is sorted by input files, which makes the whole chaffing
process more or less irrelevant.

bugs: some trailing zeros in final output, and shaftsort still retains
the "order by input file", which is a Bad Thing(tm). it should take all
the chunks with identical sequence numbers and resort them randomly or
by some arbitrary definition ("first 3 data bytes").

usage: see the or the source. basically, for encryption, shaft
wants input files and keys/passwords on the commandline. for decryption
it wants just one key. shaftsort is a filter (stdin to stdout).

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