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Anonymous Anonymous
Tue Sep 7 12:45:37 PDT 1999

I read this paper some time ago.  Couldn't the cash still be detected as
having belonged to the original owner even after you have transferred it?
If so, then the other requirement is that you must transfer it anonymously,
otherwise they can still get back to you.

An example would be if you are doing something which the government doesn't
like, such as shipping tracts advocating egalitarianism to a country with
explicitly racist policies.  The government might be able to put pressure
on some members of the organization and use this (in effect) "marked money"
to find the others.  If you pass the money on to someone else, but they
know it came from you, and then the government comes to them, determines
that this is "dirty money" (which was given to the threatening egalitarians)
they can say "who did you get this from" and your jig is up.


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