Marty's 4/17 Clipper Chip post-to-many ...

Martin Hellman hellman at
Tue Sep 7 12:37:57 PDT 1999


It is fine to post my previous message to cypherpunks 
if you also post this message with it in which:

I ask recipients to be very sparse in their requesting further info 
from me or asking for comments on specific questions. By
this posting I apologize for any messages I am unable to
respond to. (I already spend too much time answering too much
e-mail and am particularly overloaded this week with other


Finally, there has been a significant reponse to this by a cryptoid
well-known to all of us.  Am seeking permission to repost it, also.

Incidentally, Marty sez he had no forewarning that Clipper was about to
sail.  The NY Times article blind-sided him about 11:30 Thursday night.
  Sounds like the government is really doing an outstanding job of
careful, collaborative policy-making.  [Danger!  Novice gunslinger is
shooting from the hip!]

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