Make $100,000 a Month on eBay!

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Do you sell on Ebay? If so, you could be making up to $100,000 
per month? This is no hype and no scam. Recieving over 1.5 billion 
page views per month, Ebay is the ULTIMATE venue for selling 
virtually anything and making huge profits with almost no effort. 
But you have to know what to sell and how to sell. That's where I 
come in.

As a leading expert in internet marketing and the owner of several 
profitable auction-based businesses, the manual that I have written 
provides easy to understand and detailed instructions for maximizing 
your profits with selling strategies that are PROVEN WINNERS.

If you've read any other books on Ebay, you know that all of them 
are designed for the computer idiot and the auction novice. They 
tell you how to register, how to list an item, how to avoid fraud, 
etc. This is not the information you need to make millions on Ebay. 
You need to learn effective SELLING STRATEGIES not read a 
photocopy of Ebay help files! My manual assumes that you already 
know your way around Ebay; you don't need any specialized 
computer knowledge, but you should be familiar with buying and 
selling on ebay auctions. I'm not going to waste your time teaching 
you how to register - I'm going to pass on the SECRET SELLING 
TECHNIQUES that I use each and every day to bring in hundreds 
of thousands of dollars selling my products on internet auctions. 
The manual comes as a complete course with the following lessons:

Make a Fortune on eBay™ 
Make a Fortune on eBay™ is filled with page after page of vital eBay™ 
marketing information. This valuable eBook is terrific for the eBay™ user
to get the right eBay™ information and have an instant edge over other
more experienced eBay™ Sellers

Advanced Selling on eBay™  
Advanced Selling on eBay™ has more vital information to make their 
auction a success. This eBook has many topics to ensure that they get 
the maximum potential from their auctions. Advanced Selling on eBay™ 
goes into more detailed information than it's sister eBook Make a Fortune 
on eBay™.

16 eBay™ Forms 
"16 eBay™ Forms" is a must. These forms will help them track, analyze 
and record their auctions. It contains 16 forms with full instructions. This 
E-Book also contains the forms in printer friendly version, so they can 
print them for immediate use. 

Wholesale Sources
Wholesale Sources is the final eBook in the eBay™ Marketing eCourse. It 
contains wholesale distributors from the United States, Mexico, Hong Kong, 
Taiwan, Asia and the Philippines.  Armed with this eBook your customers 
will have over 10,000,000 wholesale products at their finger tips..

This manual is designed for individuals looking to form an online business 
for extra income or as a full-time job making hundreds of thousands of 
dollars on Ebay. Contained in the manual are WINNING STRATEGIES for 
selling on Ebay auctions. The manual is not designed for Ebay novices and 
does not teach the "basics" such as registering, putting an item online, buying 
an item, etc. This manual is designed to make Ebay users into successful and 
wealthy entrepreneurs!

Not only will you be able to make THOUSANDS with the information in these 
eBooks, you will also receive FULL Resellers rights. This is not an affiliate 
program where you get 20 or 30%... you keep all the money generated from your 
eCourse sales.

You can sell this eCourse as many times as you want for whatever price you 
choose. There is NO LIMIT on how much you can make from this incredible product!

To order the eCourse click on the link below
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Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

James Milton
President of Phoenix Marketing

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